20+ Odd But Useful items You Should Pack On Your Trip

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

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Over the years we have developed a rather extensive packing list which differs a little depending on one's travel destination and less so on how long you will be travelling for.

There are however a few somewhat odd but incredibly handy items which we don’t think would appear on a traditional packing list. These are not essential travel items, but most are small and cheap and just make your life on the road so much easier!

Here is an abbreviated version of the list, for our full explanation of the items and why we find them useful, take a listen to our podcast here.

1. Stainless steel S-shaped hooks - for being able to hang things anywhere.

2. Folding knife - bigger than a pocket knife so that you can use it to eat with too.

3. Mesh bags - for sorting dirty laundry & for doing small or delicate laundry in.

4. Universal sink plug - to be able to run a bath or basin of water to do hand laundry.

5. Travel washing line (peg less) - indispensable!

6. Survival Water Filter Pro - to reduce the need to buy bottled water & in case of emergency.

7. Adjustable Cell Phone Stand - for easier browsing or when you do Yoga. Also helps to take better photos!

8. Airplane earphone adaptor - so you can use your own earphones on the plane.

9. Headphone Splitter - to share audio guides etc.

10. Sistema reusable bottle for hot & cold - to reduce using plastic bottles.

11. Packing cubes - a traveller’s best friend!

12. Zip lock bags - very handy and reusable.

13. Elastic bands - did you know how versatile and useful they can be?

14. Permanent marker - ok, so maybe this one isn’t that useful.

15. Compact screwdriver with interchangeable bits - so you can fix stuff.

16. Buff / multi-functional headwear - because it’s multi-functional of course.

17. USB anti-mosquito device - no one wants to be eaten alive by mosquitoes.

18. Travel Powerstrip with USB - we can’t live without this.

19. Mini sewing kit (needle, cotton, button, safety pin) - tiny but handy.

20. Cordless Hair trimmer with USB charging- this is a great item to test your trust in each other if you travel as a couple!

21. Superglue - the name says it all, it’s super!

22. Universal Elastic Finger Holder for Smartphones

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