Finding Cheap FLIGHTS

Updated: Apr 12

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Having travelled quite a bit over the past fifteen years, we have found and tested some of the most useful tools out there for travellers. With the advent of the smartphone, the value of using apps on the move has made life a lot simpler and finding a good deal is now within everyone’s reach if they know where to look for it.

For us, finding a cheap flight usually takes precedent over choosing a specific destination and if you are prepared to be somewhat flexible in your approach, you can almost always find a good match.

One of my favourite ways to look for flights is to search in Google Flights with the destination left blank! As an example, we wanted to fly to the Philippines from Cape Town but found it to much cheaper to fly to Taiwan and then on to the Philippines with a smaller local carrier! The added bonus is we get to spend time in another country as well. We very rarely book flights via an online travel agent and mostly purchase directly from the airline – unless there is a major price difference.

Flight Deal Sites

Google Flights

Google has built what is perhaps the world’s best search engine for flights. It’s powerful, easy to use, with a simple and intuitive interface and its currently where we start any flight search.