Guide To KUALA LUMPUR: Budget-Friendly Things To See And Do

Kuala Lumpur is a city of contrasts, and this in itself may be one of the aspects that makes the city so intriguing and attractive. A concentrated metropolis in the vast country of Malaysia, this city is a mix of the concrete jungle with a surprising sprinkling of lush green jungle. The city is bursting with new and modern construction and yet it retains so much history and culture of the days gone by.

Although almost 50% of the population of KL are Malay / Bumiputera and almost 50% of the population are self-identified Muslims, the remaining 50% are incredibly diverse in both culture and religion. And while traditions run deep and demand a certain understandable amount of respect, there is also an impressive amount of tolerance towards diversity and modern living.

We first visited Kuala Lumpur for a few days back in 2014 and more recently (2019) spent the first 2 weeks of a 70 day stay in Malaysia, in Kuala Lumpur. Take a listen to our Podcast "Going To… Kuala Lumpur" series where we discuss our time in Kuala Lumpur from the perspective of full-time travellers (Part 1) and as tourists (Part 2). You can also see a full report of our expenditure for our two weeks in our Budget Report - Kuala Lumpur Blog Post.

Being such a central Asian destination, with an abundance of cheap flights, we will surely be back!