Lessons from a Year of Nomad Life

In this podcast episode, we look back at 2019, the first full calendar year we were fully nomadic and how we spent our time travelling across Asia. We managed to visit 8 countries, slept in 50 different beds and took untold number of flights, trains, busses and boats during this year! Currently, in stark contrast, we still find ourselves 'stuck' in the worldwide COVID-19 lockdown after almost an entire year, so this is a welcome relief to reflect on our last full year of travels.

Our conversation touches on the following

  • Summary of our year.

  • How we choose our next destination and the cool new tool we created to do this (https://www.wewillnomad.com/where-to-travel-next).

  • How we deal with money and tracking expenses while travelling.

  • Packing for full-time travel - items we should have packed but didn't & items we ditched along the way.

  • Social media and how it influences travel.

  • Technology and our best travel apps.

  • Our pace of travel, actual vs preferred.

  • Keeping fit on the road.

  • Some First Time Experiences.

  • What we learnt from our first year as full-time nomads.

For more on our travels during 2019 check out these blog articles:

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Lessons from a Year of Nomad Life


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