How To Run 5km In 9 Weeks

Updated: Jan 13

Whether you’re planning an action-packed holiday or looking forward to relaxing on the beach, travel is both easier and more enjoyable if you have a good level of fitness.

So, what if you’re a real couch potato and have no idea where to start? Well, then you’re in the right place! This is our “How To Run 5km In 9 Weeks” guide.

This is by no means a new or innovative training program, various adaptations of this style of training have been around for years, varying between 8 to 10 weeks long. We have both used this training program very successfully, multiple times and can highly recommend it to even the laziest of people out there!

What makes it different from just going out there and starting to run? This is an interval training program, which means that as you work to strengthen your body, you also give it time to recuperate and recover. The program below is set out over a 9 week period, with set combinations of walking and running. As you progress through the program, you will systematically start running more and walking less, until you are able to run the full 5-kilometre distance. As tempting as it may be, try to stick to the program and not jump ahead. You want to concentrate on building endurance slowly in order for it to be sustained, so don’t just rush into running the full distance with the risk of injury. The first 2 weeks, in particular, give your body the chance to develop an efficient and natural running style.