Ep.52 - What is Indonesian Food?

In this episode, we reminisce about how much we have learnt about Indonesian food over the years. Since our first visit to Indonesia in 2016, to our most recent visit in 2019, we have developed a wonderful appreciation for the diversity of Indonesian food and snacks (called gorengan).

We touch on the history and origin of Indonesian food and tell you WHAT you simply have to eat when you're in Indonesia. The diversity of Indonesian is spread across the many regions consisting of over 6000 inhabited islands of Indonesia, each of which has its own unique flavours.

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If you're wondering just how expensive Indonesian food is, watch us tasting Indonesian food at the many local street stalls and night markets of Indonesia:

Or join us as we go in search of the traditional Indonesian dish of Babi Guling in Bali:

And of course, you'll want to see just how spicy Indonesian food such as Nasi Campur can be:


Gorengan (Deep Fried Snacks)

Gorengan literally means “something fried” and refers to street food stalls that serve all kinds of deep fried snacks. This can either be sweet gorengan like pisang goreng (deep fried bananas) and sweet potato or salty gorengan like cassava, fried stuffed tofu, bakwan (veggie batter fritters), fried breadfruit, and many more. Our favourite is pisang goreng.


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