Ep.14 - Pre-travel checklist - 25 things to do before you leave!

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

You’re getting ready to head out on your trip. But what do you need to do to prepare?

In our latest podcast we discuss 25 things that you should make sure to check off before leaving for your trip.

  • Passports - validity & empty pages

  • Visa requirements

  • Travel insurance

  • Medical - insurance & scripts

  • Immunisations / vaccinations

  • Notify your bank of your travel plans

  • Set up auto payments in case you are unable to make monthly payments

  • Drivers license / International Drivers Permit

  • Up to date Will & Testament

  • Leave someone with power of attorney if any legal matters need to be dealt with while you are away

  • Digital copies of important documents

  • Booking confirmations digitally available on your phone (offline!)

  • Make use of TripIt App to help organise and share your itinerary

  • Book first night’s accommodation

  • Plan your transportation to and from the airport (at home and at destination)

  • Check your baggage & carry on luggage allowances before you start packing!

  • Leave your travel plans with an emergency contact

  • Destination research: local events; weather; customs; learn a few phrases

  • Download maps (google maps / maps.me) & favourite locations / sights

  • Switch your post to digital or arrange for someone to collect regularly

  • Set up out-of-office for your email

  • Disconnect vehicle batteries

  • Turn off water supply / major appliances

  • Set up cell phone roaming & voicemail

  • Charge all your electronics before you leave!

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