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How long do you plan on travelling?

If all goes according to plan hopefully indefinitely!  We've quit our jobs and sold all our belongings in 2018 and we're committed to making the most of this opportunity. 


How can you afford to travel full time?

Creating passive income was the key and over the years we have saved and invested in rental property which now provides us with a constant income. On the odd occasion, we would also make use of a short contract or project to generate some funds. We're extremely budget-conscious travellers and you will find more information under the Finance section.


When did you decide on this lifestyle?

We always wanted to travel but it took us a while to wrap our heads around the idea that taking a complete break from working life was the real key to reach that next stage of our lives.


It’s somewhat of a mind-shift to understand that we do not HAVE to follow societal norms and as unnerving as it may be to go against the grain, one has to believe in yourself and your goals.


Initially, we were planning to just take a travel break of a couple of years then get back to work. We also thought about spending a year or so working in other countries as a way of experiencing a different part of the world but eventually, we saw the bigger picture and we realised that full-time travel can be an achievable goal if we plan well. 

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