Airbnb 2021 | How To Get $65 Off

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Airbnb has allowed us to stay in some pretty amazing places all over the world.

Although Airbnb can sometimes be a LOT cheaper than a hotel as well as give you the benefit of access to things like a kitchen and larger living spaces, booking an Airbnb more often than not means hunting around to find true bargains. To help you get a substantial discount on your first booking, click the banner below and receive up to $50 off your next Airbnb stay.

Looking for an Airbnb coupon code for 2021? Here’s a discount of up to $65 for you! All you have to do is click the link below and sign up. If you’re already an existing Airbnb user, keep reading to find out how you can get the discount too.

Claim Your Airbnb Coupon Code for 2021

Airbnb Coupon for First Time Users

If you’ve never used Airbnb before, all you have to do is sign up using this link and you will get up to $50 off your first home booking and $15 towards an experience of $50 or more. (The actual discount value may vary depending on the cost of the stay but the total discount currently stands at $65.)

Existing Airbnb User

Strictly speaking there is nothing stopping you from creating a new account with the above link to claim this credit. There seem to be no limit on the number of accounts you are allowed to have - but keep in mind that if it is important to you to have an account with reviews in good standing, you might want to stick with your existing account.

How to Get Discounts with Airbnb?

We all like to save money, so when we sign up to Airbnb and get money off on our first booking, we obviously would want to to get some off our next booking too! Don’t worry, it is possible, even if you’ve already claimed the initial code. Airbnb operates on a referral basis so to get a larger discount, you can do the following:

Get Your Own Airbnb Coupon Code

Sign up to get your own Airbnb promo code and send it to your friends. Send it to people you meet when you travel or to family members. Spread the love via text, email or Facebook etc and get Airbnb credit whenever someone uses your code to sign up!

Every time one of these people makes a booking on Airbnb, you will get Airbnb credit which you can use when booking your own trips! It really is a win-win situation as both you and your friends/family can benefit from it.

Become a Host

Much like your friends signing up to be an Airbnb host, giving you credit, you can also sign up yourself. For a first time host, you will be given credit yourself which you can put towards your next travel destination.

Airbnb is one of the fastest growing businesses in the world and a lot of people are making some serious dosh from it making it a win-win situation.

Book a Long-term Rental

Another great thing about Airbnb is that the longer you stay, the bigger the discount tends to be. If you’re looking to book an apartment for 7 days but are flexible to stay for 2 weeks for example, you could end up scoring up to a 25-30% discount.

Long-term rentals are a great way to stretch your budget and make the most of the place that you’re travelling to and a lot of the time they can even work out cheaper than a hotel too.

Top Tip: When staying in a place for more than two weeks, we usually play around with the dates as sometimes, it would be cheaper renting the place for an entire month, even if you’re only staying for two weeks. We just book the place up for the month and leave early when our time is up!

We just did this in Penang, Malaysia where we rented an apartment for 4 weeks and it ended costing less than it would have for 3 weeks!

Contact Airbnb Hosts Directly

Another possible way to get a discount on Airbnb is by making contact with the hosts and ask them directly. We did this when we stayed in Korea and ended up getting a decent additional discount on an apartment located in exactly the area we wanted to be in Busan!

Does Airbnb Work Everywhere?

To date, we’ve used Airbnb to from the USA to Europe to South East Asia and even in South Korea. We’ve managed to find plenty of affordable stays all over with the added advantage that we can save MORE having a kitchen to cook some meals in!

The best part about it is Airbnb really allows you a local experience and especially if you stay longer in a location you can get a great feel for the vibe of the town and meet some local people.

How to Book an Apartment Using Airbnb

If you’re unfamiliar with the platform, here’s a handy video elaborating how exactly to book using Airbnb. Remember, if you use the coupon code, you get it at even a lower rate listed! After watching the video - keep on reading to see our top tips on how to get awesome apartments all over the world.

Airbnb Rentals: Top Tips on Getting a Good Deal

To help you get the most out of your Airbnb stay, here are our top tips when booking your accommodation online.

Use the filter tab

It might sound like common sense, but you don’t want to end up paying more because you input too many people or bedrooms than you needed. Also checked if it is a private apartment or a private room in someone’s apartment – there’s a big difference! Using the filter tab will also help you find places with the facilities that you need. For example, if you are renting a car, you need to make sure that the Airbnb where you are staying has parking nearby.

Be flexible with your travel plans

Having flexibility with dates and duration of stay can be the single biggest advantage to using Airbnb. As said before, this might give you a substantial discount - so explore dates and rental duration to get the best price for you. If not, contact the host if they can provide any sort of discount. Some hosts provide a discount during the off-season so sending one friendly email won’t hurt anybody!

Recheck the location before booking

Annoyingly, when you start narrowing down your search in terms of price and other filters, Airbnb will automatically widen your location search.

This can be good if there is an option that works for you that is not too far away from where you want to be but it can also really screw you over if you book somewhere way out there in the sticks. Using the map feature can help you find listings within specific areas or landmarks.

Turn off Instant Book

If you are only seeing options for Airbnb's that you can instantly book, turn this feature off! It limits your search results greatly and you’ll likely end up paying more.

Some Airbnb listings require approval from the hosts so collecting reviews for your profile goes both ways! It usually requires you to send an Airbnb message to the host. We usually keep it short and sweet, stating who we are and what we have planned during our time in that location. As long as you have a complete profile, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Check if there are any Extra Fees

Many Airbnb hosts will add a cleaning fee to their rental which will be added on to the final price at the end of your booking. This is usually on top of Airbnb fees as well and can range from $5 to $50 per stay so make sure to check this. There are some parts of the world where legislation requires Airbnb to display the total cost upfront though.

If you’re a regular Airbnb user and have glowing reviews, you might potentially be able to negotiate a lower fee (or even no fee at all) if the host is confident that you will leave the apartment as you left it. Being a first time user though, you won’t have this negotiating power.

Always read the reviews

Positive reviews about both the host and the actual property are great reinforcements about your booking. However, always have an open mind when you’re reading them. Sometimes a negative review can just be because of personal preference so don’t rule a place out completely because of it.

On the flip side, hosts get to review you too! You need to remember that you’re staying in someone’s home so being respectful of their space and the items around you is a must. We have been hosts ourselves before and we make it a point to leave the Airbnb clean whenever we leave! It doesn’t take us long to tidy and a kind gesture like that goes a long way.

Read everything!

You need to know what’s included, what’s not, what the cancellation policy is, and the check in and check out times to make the most of your booking and avoid any unpleasant surprises.

There’s nothing worse than arriving at a new place at 2 am in the morning and realising that you can’t check in because this is an actual person’s apartment and not a hotel.

Most Airbnb's will have precise check-in instructions on how to pick up the keys, where to leave it, etc. Reading up on this beforehand can help you choose between listings.

Message the host before booking

If you want someone who is attentive and personable, message the host before booking so that you can make sure that they are the right fit for you.

The last thing you want when you’ve paid for a really nice place for a month is a potentially rude or unresponsive host that is unwilling to help when you need it, so make contact and start a conversation. It also allows them to ask any questions of you too.

Airbnb Rentals Around the World

If you want to find a home away from home when you travel, Airbnb is a great platform to use. Plus you can find some pretty quirky places wherever you are in the world like a tree-house or lighthouse stay and who doesn’t love a bit of quirkiness in their life?

If you didn’t sign up to get $49 off your first time booking with Airbnb at the start of the article, here it is again for you. Get yourself a pretty sweet deal and decide for yourself what you think of the platform.

Claim Your Airbnb Coupon Code for 2021




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