Ep.3 - Budget Conscious Travel - What Does It Mean To You?

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Being a budget traveller has nothing to do with how much money you spend. Rather, it has everything to do with how you spend it. Just as you don’t have to have deep pockets or a trust fund to afford to travel, you also don’t have to live on a shoestring to call yourself a budget traveller.

Not everything about “experiencing” travel costs money. Everyone is different, everyone see’s things differently, people enjoy different types of travel. Travel is not a competition. Everyone will have a different definition of what is cheap and what is budget.

  • Know what you want to spend money on.

  • Research and plan before you go.

  • Create your ideal budget.   

  • Match your expectations to reality.

  • Keep track of all your expenses.

Budget travelling is about being frugal — not cheap. It’s about not wasting money on frivolous stuff. It’s about knowing when and where to spend your money, no matter how much you happen to have.