Ep.7 - How To Choose Your Next Travel Destination

Updated: Sep 5

In this episode, we discuss various factors which may influence one’s decision as to where to go, be it for a short vacation, or during longer full-time travel. We also discuss our decision-making process and how we choose our next destination.

This is an abbreviated list of some of the points that we discuss:

  • DIY vs travel planner or agent

  • The political stability of a country / region

  • Weather (temperature, rain, humidity)

  • Seasons (peak tourist seasons, local festivals etc.)

  • Initial transport cost & time

  • Visa requirements (cost & duration of stay)

  • Destination/activity specific holidays (Kilimanjaro, scuba diving)

  • Type of trip or holiday (beach, city, hiking, adventure, culture)

  • Degree of comfort/luxury expected

  • Cost of daily living

  • Ease of movement / infrastructure / public transport / vehicle rental

  • Current opportunities (which may not always be…) - say YES to opportunities!

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