Ep.1 - Who are WeWillNomad?

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Hi! We're Andre & Lisa!   You found our very first podcast where we talk about our path to becoming full-time travellers.

We've been travelling together since 2005 and even while working full-time we managed to prioritise a proper trip almost every year since then. It used to be anything from 3 weeks to 2 months depending on how well we managed our work commitments and what our budget was!

Our first travels as a young couple were mostly by motorbike, touring Southern Africa. Whenever we could string together a few days off work, we would hop on our bike and go somewhere new. Motorbike travel is very different from destination travel – the travelling is as much part of the adventure as is the destination and also you learn a lot about how to travel minimalistic. (You can see some of our older bike blogs under the Namibia & South Africa sections). In 2013 we rode the length of Vietnam on a 125cc bike called Jerry). Looking back at our first overseas trip together in 2005 had us flying halfway across the globe and living in a tiny apartment in Atsugi, Tokyo, Japan for just over 2 months! This was while Lisa took part in a student exchange program and it turned out to be one crazy adventure! Our Japan trip was a true test - one cannot help but be out of your comfort zone living in a place so different from home and experiencing such a difference in culture. Luckily it was something we both really enjoyed and that trip was what made us realise that we definitely want to travel and explore the world further together.

From then on, we always prioritised our spending and vacation days to ensure that we could travel as much as possible. We were always extremely budget-conscious travellers, trying to stretch our money and time away from work as far as possible!

Summer in France 2018

Currently, we have travelled to 30 countries around the world together, and we enjoy travelling at a slow pace to take in as much as possible from the experience. No matter whether we return to a previous destination or seek out new places there seem to always be an exciting adventure waiting around the corner.  


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