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Over the past 5 years, we have uploaded more than 300 travel videos to YouTube. We plan to continue sharing our travels in this way and want all our YouTube videos to ALWAYS BE FREE for anyone to view. Our hope is that we can inspire others to LIVE, TRAVEL and EXPLORE just a little bit more!

We are grateful that some people would like to show their appreciation for the time, effort and hard work that goes into making these videos. We also understand that not everyone can afford a financial contribution and we don't want this to be a limiting factor, we still want you to join our journey! For this reason, we have set up a Paypal donation page where you are welcome to show your appreciation by making a once-off or monthly contribution of your choice.

Supporter Benefits

No matter how much you choose to contribute, we would like to say a huge THANK YOU! 

Although there are no “rewards”, or “perks” in return for your contribution, if you choose to opt in to our donation member group and mailing list, we would like to show our appreciation by providing you with:

  • Recognition on our donation member list in each video

  • Access to Our Polarsteps Travel Diary where we post more detail about the routes we take (from 2023 onwards), places we visit, the food we try, our exact park-ups and camp spots, as well as our insider comments, tips and suggestions in case you plan a similar trip.

  • Early access to our blog posts and newsletters.

We would like to thank EVERYONE who is SUBSCRIBED to our YouTube Channel, who follows along on our travels, especially those who LIKE our videos and leave us COMMENTS! Your interaction and ongoing support motivate us to continue making and sharing these videos!

Why we chose PayPal and not Patreon or YouTube Membership, etc?

  • High fees: No matter what you ask from your members, YouTube will take a 30% cut with added processing, payout and conversion fees which easily adds to 40% lost. The same applies for Super Thanks! With Patreon, 8% of income plus payment processing, currency conversion, payout fees, and applicable taxes are lost which easily add up to 30%.

  • Changing pricing structures: YouTube has a habit of changing its pricing structure. There is no guarantee that any 3rd party won’t change their cut of your contribution.

  • Lack of control: When you build your audience on a platform you don’t own, you’re at the mercy of the platform.

  • Member relationship: If you already have your own website, like we do, we have the option of integrating our supporter community with existing web tools to provide further value to our members and to be able to more efficiently communicate with our members.

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