10 Travel Tips For The Female Traveller

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

There’s no arguing that often travel can be a little more complicated for us ladies than it is for our male counterparts, that should however not keep us from travelling and enjoying it as much (or perhaps even more), so long as we are suitably prepared.

10 Travel Tips For The Female Traveller

I’ll start by admitting that I’m not a girly-girl, makeup or fashion-conscious glamorous lady by any means (as my Instagram pics will testify @lisa_albert_dutoit ), so many aspects of budget travel may be easier for me than the average lady. I will, however, admit that my travel habits have evolved over the past 15 years from initially travelling to Europe with multiple pairs of high heel shoes, a hairdryer and hair straightener to now being able to backpack across Asia for more than a month with only a 35L backpack! Now I’m not saying one form of travel is right and the other wrong, but I do think I have a fair idea of what remains important for all female travellers.

After travelling regularly for over 15 years and currently travelling full-time, I will be the first to say that there is no one travel style that works for everyone. There are, however, many travel tips which I have picked up over the years which I wish I had learnt earlier on and which are more than likely applicable to all.

So here is my list of travel essentials and tips which I hope will help you as much as they have helped me:


Let’s dive right into it… that time of the month isn’t fun for any of us. Even less so if you’re caught off guard, can’t find your usual product or don’t have regular enough access to a flushing toilet. If there’s one single thing that I’m most grateful for having discovered, it’s the M-Cup. When I first heard about it I thought the concept was disgusting and was sure that I would never try it. But with ongoing struggles with tampons either needing to be changed too regularly or at inconvenient times and them taking up half of my backpack’s packing space, I decided to give the M-cap a try. I’ll be honest and say that it’s not something that you feel comfortable with immediately. I must have read a million reviews and watched even more YouTube videos about how to insert and remove the little thing before I was brave enough to try it! And even then, the first time I used it I was sure I might never be able to remove it! A few months in (and plenty of laughter at myself for my prior hesitation), there simply is no looking back. The two most significant benefits to me are that fact that I can now go for approximately 12 hours without having to think about needing to change a tampon and that all I need to pack when I travel is one small cup, no matter how long I’m travelling for. Of course, there are also the added benefits of an improved natural cycle and the fact that I’m contributing to saving the planet. There are numerous makes (feel free to check out reviews ) and no one make is best for everyone. I would suggest reading as many reviews as possible to establish which make will be best suited. But whatever you do, do try one – it may take a few months to get used to it, but you will not be sorry and you will not look back!

My Tracker

While we’re on the topic, although not essential, this app is very handy. It allows you to track your period together with other optional things like ovulation, weight, temperature, symptoms etc. You can customise your cycle and period length and it will prompt you with a reminder a few days before your next period is due to start. Like I said, not a travel essential, but definitely useful.


Ok, so this might only be suited to the smaller breasted of us ladies. I am a 32B (and only just!), so keep that in mind when you read this. Travelling with a backpack only means that any and all space is valuable. It also means that the clothes that you do pack need to be easily hand washable and quick drying. At the same time, I like to feel both comfortable when I travel and look reasonably presentable! I used to travel with one nice and proper bra and then a few sports bras for daily wear. Although sports bras were functional, they are not exactly sexy or elegant! And then I discovered Bralettes – what I have found to be the perfect crossover between the comfort of a sports bra and the function and finesse of a real bra! I know these may not work for everyone, but for me, they save on space, are easy to wash and dry and are super comfy. There are also more and more of this style of bra becoming available.

Cosmetics & Makeup

This is a difficult one for me as I’m not a very heavy cosmetic user at the best of times. My advice is twofold… keep it simple but don’t compromise on the items that are important to you. For me that means always packing in my favourite brand of face cream as this doubles as a daily sunblock and tinted base which is pretty much the only “make-up” I wear daily. I also recommend taking a small travel bottle (5-10 ml) of perfume to keep in your handbag especially when travelling in hot climates - no lady likes to feel stinky! A great tip for shorter travels is to dye your eyelashes before your trip and save on carrying mascara with you. This is also a good idea if you are going to be spending a lot of time on beaches and swimming and don’t want to bother with waterproof mascara. The only other “custom” item I try to always take with me is my Curaprox toothbrush – there simply is no other toothbrush once you tried one of these and no, they do not sponsor me!

How To Keep Those Legs Smooth

This is always a challenge, particularly travelling long term with limited packing space (backpack only). Although a simple safety razor would be the most compact option, I by far prefer to make space to pack in my Braun Epil-Silk Epilator. Obviously this is a personal preference, but the advantage of epilating is that it lasts much longer than shaving and you never have a prickly stubble. Yes, it’s painful, but it does get more bearable over time.

Staying Fit & Flexible While Travelling

Staying Fit & Flexible

It really does make one’s travels more enjoyable when you more fit and flexible. Of course, travelling with a good pair of running shoes is a good way to get some cardio exercise. I also swear by yoga for keeping toned and flexible. It’s a gr