Cambodia Budget Report (27 nights) 2019

Updated: Apr 12

This is a summary of all our expenses for the 27 nights / 28 days we spent in Cambodia during December 2019 / January 2020. You should keep in mind that if one travels at a slower pace it's easier to make savings as especially transportation can eat into your budget quickly. Whether you are flying from one destination to the other or making use of cheaper overland travel alternative, transport in Cambodia can add up quickly. That said, we found that if one can contain accommodation costs and avoid western restaurants, Cambodia is a fairly affordable destination.

Travelling full-time changes the way one travels and it becomes less of a quest to tick off the 'popular' sights than it becomes a way of experiencing your surrounds in a slower, relaxed fashion. Many further cost savings are indeed possible, but one should also not completely deprive oneself of uniquely local experiences that ultimately add value to your visit to a foreign country. However, more often than not, the events, encounters and connections with people that stand out, are those that you do not foresee or could even have planned for. Like most things in life, a balance between being frugal and making use of opportunities should be sought.


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(Note that the following spending does not include flights to and from Cambodia, but does include local land transportation within Cambodia.)

Cambodia Travel Expenses Budget

Cambodia Travel Expenses Budget


We stayed in 5 different accommodations over the 27 nights spent in Cambodia. We spent between 4 to 7 nights in each place and found that even for the 1-week long stays, hotels usually offered the best value as they often included breakfast and we found that it is not necessarily cheaper to prepare your own food in comparison to eating out. Moving around less frequently also helped to reduce our transportation costs compared to if we had moved on every couple of days. We booked our stays through a combination of, Agoda and Airbnb and did not find any of these to consistently have better deals.

For most of it, we found accommodation in Cambodia to be pretty good value and in some areas, really cheap! Our average nightly cost came to $22 and generally, the quality of accommodation was good and comfortable to Western standards. It should be noted that this was even over the end of the year holiday season, so accommodation might be even cheaper at other times of the year!

Kampot 4 nights - Sre Ambil Resort

( Double En-suite Room)

The “resort” is located on the west side of the river which is somewhat removed from the main riverside area, which is along the east bank of the river. The “resort” is nothing more than a few grass A-frame huts and a few built rooms adjacent to each other. It is located off the main road and was still within walking distance and much cheaper than any accommodation within the more popular tourist area. There are not many food options in the direct vicinity and it would generally be preferable to be located to the east side of the river where shops, food and accommodation are ample. The room itself was spacious enough although very sparsely furnished with a king-size bed and a single cupboard. The bathroom has a separate shower.

Kep 7 nights - La Kep Boutique Hotel

(Agoda Double En-suite Room)

The 36 rooms of this hotel are in an L-shape and either face towards the inner courtyard, restaurant and swimming pool or away towards the outside. The room itself was clean and very spacious with had a small fridge and kettle. The bathroom has a separate shower. Location was a few blocks away from the main road about a 15-minute walk to the boat Terminal where boats depart to Rabbit Island from. It was well located to explore the town, except that there is really not much happening in Kep itself! If you want to relax at Kep Beach, it might be better to rather be within walking distance if you do not have your own transportation. Our booking included breakfast which was sometimes a choice off a breakfast menu and other times a buffet breakfast. The swimming pool was always nice and clean and a great refresher in the heat.

Phnom Penh 4 nights - Airbnb Comfortable and relaxed space next to Royal Palace

(Airbnb One Bedroom Apartment)

The apartment is very well located in Central Phnom Penh, just a few minutes walk from the Royal Palace. The apartment consisted of a bedroom (with air conditioner), a lounge area with desk space, kitchenette, bathroom and a small balcony. The bathroom had a wet-room style shower. The kitchen was fairly basic with a small fridge, single