FILIPINO FOOD GUIDE & What To Eat In The Philippines

Updated: Sep 5, 2020


​Filipino cuisine has developed from the many different cultures that have helped shape the Philippines history. It has created a wonderful melange of Indian, Chinese, Malay, Spanish, European and American influences.

Its cuisine may not be as renowned as many of its neighbours, but Filipino cooking is distinct in that it is possibly the least spicy of all Southeast Asian cuisines! Don't make the mistake of thinking that Filipino food is bland, though - instead of spices, Filipino food tends to depend more on garlic, onions and ginger to add flavour to their dishes. Vegetarians and vegans might have a tough time finding a Filipino dish which is wholly vegetarian as most of the Filipinos love to add meat to every single dish they eat.


DESSERTS & SNACKS Of The Philippines


This is without a doubt the national dish of the Philippines. It consists of chicken or pork (or both), served in a garlicky stew with vinegar and soy sauce as a base. The best adobo has a perfect balance of soy sauce, and vinegar with added flavour from garlic, bay leaves and freshly ground peppercorns. We loved the richness of Filipino pork adobo and had many delicious servings during our 2 months in The Philippines.

Pork Adobo with Pumpkin & Green beans in Coconut Milk