Indonesia Budget Report (29 nights) 2019

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

This is a summary (with some details) of all our expenses for the 29 nights / 30 days we spent in Indonesia during August / September 2019. You should keep in mind that if one travels at a slower pace it's easier to make savings as transportation can eat into your budget quickly, especially in Indonesia where travel between islands and even between towns on the same island, is relatively expensive. In this case, we moved around every 2-5 nights which meant that we could not take advantage of any long stay discounts. That said, we found that if one can contain accommodation costs and avoid specialised or fine-dine restaurants, Indonesia is a very affordable destination. Travelling full-time changes the way one travels and it becomes less of a quest to tick off the 'popular' sights than it becomes a way of experiencing your surrounds in a slower, relaxed fashion. Many further cost savings are indeed possible, but one should also not completely deprive oneself of uniquely local experiences that ultimately add value to your visit to a foreign country. However, more often than not, the events, encounters and connections with people that stand out, are those that you do not foresee or could even have planned for. Like most things in life, a balance between being frugal and making use of opportunities should be sought.


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(The following expenses does not include flights to and from Indonesia, but does include local flights and other transfers between islands within Indonesia.)