The crystal clear waters of BLUE BAY, Mauritius

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

We spend a day in the Blue Bay area - relaxing and walking around the gorgeous beaches before travelling to La Gaulette near Le Morne in the South West where we spent most our time kite-surfing the next couple of weeks.

On an island where most lagoons have been damaged and heavily fished, Blue Bay is an exception. This stunning little bay (listed as a Marine Park since 1997), contains superb coral beds and an abundance of undersea life that is unequalled in Mauritius.

To explore and snorkel at Blue Bay, you can either take a boat or get into the water from the public beach. A boat is, unfortunately, the only way to reach the finest areas of the reef, which are far from the beach, in complete safety. But the areas accessible from the beach are far from disappointing so despair not!

How to get around Mauritius

We've arranged to have a car for the duration of our stay in Mauritius as it's the most practical way to transport your gear if you want to kite-surf. This also gives you the opportunity to explore the island at your own leisure and see more than just what is offered in and around your resort. The truth is most visitors to Mauritius go straight from the airport to their resort complex and apart from a guided day-trip to some sights most never get to see the real Mauritius.

As we were staying in the La Gaulette area close to Le Morne we opted to make use of Le Morne Travel for transport. Vikish Babajee, the owner/manager, came highly recommended and was superb from the start. We rented a pick-up for the first week and thereafter we took a smaller car. The price was MUR1100 per day and it included airport pick up and drop off.

You can find him here: Phone: (+230) 5 754 7148

Staying connected with cell phone data while in Mauritius

Vikish picked us up in Blue Bay and graciously took the time to take us past a shopping centre in Phoenix. We wanted to get some local SIM cards and the best deal was from Emtel. It proved well worth the effort and we had good coverage throughout the island.

What to expect from Le Morne Kite Beach, Mauritius

We were eager to hit the water and after checking in at our Airbnb we grabbed our kite gear and headed for the famous Le Morne Kite Beach. The wide lagoon and shallow (mostly flat) water at Le Morne are ideal for beginners and advanced riders. Plus you have the protection of the reef. However, the water can get extremely shallow at Le Morne kite beach at low tide and one has to use some caution when jumping or doing tricks. It was also a lot colder than we expected and it rained more than we would have preferred. Even though the water was warm enough we regretted not taking a long wetsuit. Not only for the cold but also for some protection from the coral reef during low tide. The wind is mostly onshore the trees lining the kite beach at Le Morne ate kites on a regular occasion. =)

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