Ep.36 - Penang, Malaysia (Budget Travel Guide)

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Although this was not our first time visiting the island of Penang, this time we spent 4 weeks there in July 2019 2019 and we chat about how we found it to be a suitable destination for longer-term “travel-living”. We also touch on what to see and do as tourists as well as on our personal experiences there with regards to both sights and food.

More Malaysia specific info is available at https://www.wewillnomad.com/malaysia-travel-guide

For details on what we discuss you can read our Penang post here: https://www.wewillnomad.com/post/penang-what-to-see-and-do-on-a-budget

Penang Island has a wonderful blend of relaxed island vibe together with all the mod-cons of a bustling modern city. As with many areas of Malaysia, Penang reflects a blend of East and West as well as old and new. The capital and historic city of George Town, has preserved a wealth of both Colonial and Asian heritage buildings, which make the main town centre together with the quaint side streets a truly picturesque city to explore on foot.

In this episode of GOING TO… PENANG, MALAYSIA we discuss:

Reason for going

Where we stayed


Must see places / What to see and do

Personal favourites

Find our complete Penang budget here:



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