Ep.18 - Country Showdown! Taiwan vs South Korea

Updated: 4 days ago

We have a fun and at times heated discussion comparing two countries we recently visited.


You will get loads of details on each country by visiting their respective pages on our blog:



In the podcast, we discuss the following points and try our best to compare and match up these two destinations. (Please do not take it too seriously as it's mostly a bit of fun and we LOVED visiting both of these amazing countries.)

  1. People / Culture

  2. Language

  3. Nature / Landscape

  4. Sights

  5. Public facilities (parks, restrooms, beaches, camping)

  6. Food

  7. Main Cities: Taipei vs Seoul

  8. Costs / Value for money

  9. Accommodation

  10. Transport

  11. Vibe / interaction with people

  12. Quirks

  13. General observations 

  14. Best & worst of each



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