Ep.17 - How Expensive Is South Korea? (Budget Travel Guide)

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

How Expensive Is South Korea? What did we do with the $62 per day we spent during our 40 days stay there.

Our “Budget Report” episodes discuss our actual expenditures for specific destinations as well as what you can expend to spend should you want to spend more or less than we do. Whether you’re planning a trip, considering your next destination or just wondering what it costs to travel to a specific destination, Andre and Lisa share their travel spending, tips and experiences with you.

The full breakdown of our expenditure is available here.

Our discussions exclude all flights to and from the destination.

  1. We discuss expenditures with regards to:

  • Accommodation (51% of our total spending in South Korea)

  • Food (32% of our total spending in South Korea)

  • Transport

  • Cell & Data

  • Sightseeing

  • General

  1. Wondering what we consider to be budget conscious travel? Listen to Episode 3

  2. TOP TIPS to keep your costs down: 

  • Keep your accommodation costs low as these can escalate very quickly

  • Eat and drink local and stay out of western restaurants & coffee shops

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