Ep.26 - Mauritius Kitesurfing (Budget Travel Guide)

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

When kitesurfers think of Mauritius as a kitesurfing destination, their attention is usually focused on Le Morne, which has gained worldwide recognition as a hot wave riding spot thanks largely to the KSP World Pro Kite Surfing Tour. However, what few kiters realise is that there are also great spots (mainly for lagoon riding) along the East and North coast of Mauritius as well.

In this episode we will discuss the following topics relating to kitesurfing in Mauritius:

  • Seasons, wind direction and consistency of wind

  • Best kitesurfing spots around the island

  • Do you need a wetsuit and booties?

  • Kitesurfing schools and taking lessons

  • Should you take my own gear or rent?

  • Resort vs DIY (Listen to Episode 27 for more on how to DIY your Mauritius holiday like we did)

  • Getting around Mauritius with your kite gear

  • Getting to Mauritius

  • Is it an expensive destination 

Be sure to check out our blog post on How to Travel with Kitesurfing Gear to see how we got all our gear to Mauritius without it costing us any extra. For more general information on Mauritius, visit our Mauritius page.


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