The Elusive MOUNT FUJI

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

Even though everyone here says that you stand only a 1% chance of seeing Mount Fuji because of the weather, we decided that we had to at least give it a try. We started out the day’s journey by train to Hakone-Yumoto and were pleasantly surprised by being able to see Mount Fuji every now and then from the train!

At Hakone-Yumoto we changed onto the smallest train ever (only 3 carriages long). This train started taking us up the mountains, and we soon realised why it was so short. In order to be able to get up the slopes, it used a Y-shaped track by driving in one direction to the bottom of the Y and then the driver hops out and goes to the “back” which then becomes the front and we ride in the opposite direction up the other leg of the Y!

Once we got as far as we could by train, we had to change over to a Cable Car. At first, we could not figure out why they call this a cable car as it looked like ordinary train coaches on tracks going up a REALLY steep slope. Then we realised that the entire train was being hoisted up by a massive cable!

From the cable car station, we hopped on the Hakone Ropeway which is similar to our version of the Table Mountain cable car. Now that was fun! It was from the Ropeway