TRAVEL vs HEALTH Insurance - What You Need To Know

Updated: Mar 23

Understanding your travel and health insurance needs can be a bit of a headache, but it's so important to find a suitable product that fulfils your specific travel and health insurance requirements. This is why we revisit this topic each and every year, as the available travel and health insurance products keep evolving as do one's specific requirements.

In this article, we discuss:

  1. The difference between Health Insurance and Travel Insurance (it’s not as clear as what the names suggest!) and what such products may or may not include.

  2. Various factors that you should take into consideration when evaluating your own specific requirements.

  3. Some general misconceptions, what may be hidden in the fine print and a few reminders of the implications of your choices.


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This article is relevant to all travellers, whether you are only taking short trips from home or whether you are moving towards, or already living the nomadic lifestyle. You can also listen to our podcast Episode 24 discussion on the topic. For more information particularly relevant to full-time travellers and nomads, please take a look at our other article Travel Insurance for The Long Term Traveller.

Disclaimer: We do not make any recommendations for you, each and every person’s situation is different and needs to be evaluated as such. This is a discussion about some aspects to take into consideration in order for you to arrive at the best solution for yourself.


This may seem obvious at first, but it is an important point to clarify upfront for the purpose of further discussions.

A HEALTH INSURANCE Product MAY or MAY NOT include the following cover, depending on how comprehensive the product itself is:

  • Medical emergency situations and injury due to accidents

  • Hospitalisation and medical procedures

  • Day to day medical treatment

  • Chronic and dread disease treatment

  • Health check-ups and preventative screenings

Health Insurance may be state or government-provided or it could be a private product that you elect to make use of.


  • Emergency medical treatment (and possibly emergency dental) for your travel duration.

This type of Travel insurance product is often provided automatically and at no additional charge by many establishments such as your credit card facility or even a travel agent. It is, however, very often limited to only limited emergency medical treatment for your travel duration and need not actually include any other travel-related risks which you may think are included! This form of cover is also usually limited to a certain maximum travel duration (usually varying from 30 - 90 days) and may only be applicable if your trip is a return trip from and to your home country and the flight tickets have been purchased through the particular establishment. As you can see, there are many limits and requirements to qualify for this cover, but it is usually available at no additional costs should you be aware of the conditions and adhere to them accordingly.

A TRAVEL INSURANCE Product will SECONDLY, include SOME or ALL of the cover mentioned below, depending on how comprehensive the product itself is:

  • Trip cancellation

  • Trip interruption

  • Missed / delayed flights

  • Lost baggage

  • Stolen baggage / personal items

  • Emergency evacuation / repatriation

  • Personal liability cover

This type of Travel insurance product is usually NOT AUTOMATIC but can often be purchased at an additional premium from the same provider as the basic travel insurance mentioned above. Some premium cards may include this automatically, but this is not the norm. You can also purchase this type of travel insurance from a travel insurance supplier and depending on the actual product and supplier, this form of travel insurance may also be limited to a maximum trip duration, as well as other trip specific conditions such as the trip being a return trip from and to your home country and usually provided that the insurance is purchased before the start of the trip. Depending on the product you choose, the limitations of cover as well as excess applicable to claims will vary.

Personal liability cover is one of the things that we often tend to forget about, yet in our opinion, this is one of the most important forms of insurance cover! You may already have some form of personal liability cover through various other insurance products, so just remember to check what you already have and not just forget about this one - it may have a low chance of being required, but the consequences of not having the necessary cover could be devastating.


It is important to note that there is no one right product for everyone! Each and every person’s situation will differ and it is important to thus evaluate your own situation and risks in order to find the most suitable solution for yourself. We revisit our situation, requirements and the available products annually to ensure that our personal health and travel insurance requirements are being met. These are some things which we think should be taken into consideration.

General travel considerations:

  • The planned duration of your travel.

  • Is it for a single trip, multiple short trips or ongoing travel?

  • Is there a defined start and end to each of your trips and is this always your home country?

  • Is your travel upcoming or are you already on the road?

  • Consider your travel destinations with regards to the associated travel risks (possible occurrence of natural disasters, high